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At Blackmon's Backflow Services we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and efficient testing of backflow prevention devices. 

We are a locally owned and operated business that takes great pride in a job well-done. Blackmon’s Backflow services is a team of  local professionals with 25+ years of combined experience dedicated to providing backflow testing and repairs appropriate to your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is backflow?
Backflow is the undesirable flow reversal of water, liquids, gases or other substances into the public water supply. This is caused by low water pressure in the distribution system relative to a service line.

What is a backflow assembly?
A A backflow assembly allows water to flow only in one direction. When working properly, it prevents pesticides, fertilizers, or waste from entering the potable water supply when either backsiphonage or backpressure occurs. Both residential lawn irrigation systems and residential irrigation within a homeowner's property require a reduced pressure assembly (RPZ).

What type of backflows are in your area? 
  • Fire Sprinkler System 
  • Lawn Irrigation 
  • Domestic (Containment/Isolation) 

    What is a cross connection?
    Cross Connections are any temporary or permanent connections between a public water system or consumers portable water system (drinking water) and a source or system containing non-potable water or other substances.

    Common residential examples of hazards (source of contamination) that are protected with a backflow preventer: 
    • Fire Sprinkler systems
    • Lawn Irrigation systems
    • Domestic (Containment/Isolation)
    • Garden Hose 

    Why do Backflows need to be tested?
    Backflow assemblies are mechanical assemblies that can fail. It is impossible to tell if it is working by appearance only. It is necessary to test the backflow using a differential gauge in order to determine if it is functioning correctly. Backflows need to be in accordance with city water regulations by being tested to ensure quality water supply.

    When are backflows tested?
    All backflow assemblies must be tested annually. Our testers at Blackmon’s Backflow Services will test the backflow assemblies and send the test reports to the city water authority where the backflow is located.

    What if my backflow assembly fails?

    A failed assembly will need to be cleaned, repaired or in some cases it may need to be completely replaced. Within 30 days of cleaning, repairing, or replacing, a successful re-test must be conducted and turned into the city water authority.
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